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Pet Sitting and Daily Dog Walking, as well as Poop Scooping, Pet Taxi & More! 
Why should you use a professional pet sitter and will hiring a professional pet sitter be the best option for your pet? If work or travel keep you away from your pets, you've likely considered various pet-care options. For pet owners who want the best care for their pets and the peace of mind that comes from using an educated, responsible pet-care provider, All Pets Equal Pet Sitting is the best choice! You don't have to worry about the health and happiness of your pets, or imposing on busy friends, family, or neighbors when you are away on vacation or working hard away from home because All Pets Equal Pet Sitting will provide loving pet care services in your own home for a reasonable per-visit rate.
The benefits of using All Pets Equal Pet Sitting are:
  • Pets are happier and experience less stress, anxiety, and depression when allowed to remain at home in their familiar and comfortable surroundings.
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted which will maintain the pets health as well as mood. More wags less whine!
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated as well as the pet's exposure to illness from being boarded with other animals greatly minimized.
  • Untrained or unwilling family/friends/neighbors need not be inconvenienced when you go away on a vacation, travel for business or are working long hours. 
  • All Pets Equal Pet Sitting will provide added peace of mind and security by caring for your precious pet and your home while your away.


"The idea of calm exists in a sitting cat"
~Jule Reynard
Who You Gonna Call?
You might want to take your non-human family member with you everywhere you go, but sometimes, that just isn't possible. While finding a responsible, professional individual to take care of your pet seems to be a more preferrable option than leaving them housed in a boarding facility, not all pet sitters are created equal. Everyone probably can be a pet sitter, but not a professional pet sitter. By relying on solid business practices and the ethical treatment of all animals, I let my clients know that I'm serious about my work and I take pride in my business. My willingness to invest time, money and energy in educating myself demonstrates my commitment to the field and makes me a "true professional". I know how to take care of your pet.
  1. My Certifications
    Professionally certified in Pet CPR and pet first aid as well as routine care, pet handling, behavior modification and crisis prevention.
  2. My Training
    My training is fully catered around what suits your dog or cat. No two are the same and that is why I think my training is so successful.
  3. My Feedback
    Important members of your family who have yet to approve – your pets! What better way to feel at ease than knowing your pets approve of your choice!
  1. Qualifications
    I have been providing loving care to pets since 1999. I am bonded and insured. I can provide immediate care in your own home if your pet is sick and/or injured, because I am trained in Pet CPR and First Aid by Pet Tech. I am also a member of Pet Sitters Associates. I am family owned and operated. I do not hire outside employees, so you don't have to worry about strangers coming into your home.
  2. Passion
    I have bonded with all my pet clients and built a relationship with each. I do this by keeping my number of clients low and providing my full attention while they are in my care. I have always had a genuine love for animals, and concern for their health, happiness, and well being. The furry children are what I enjoy most about the work I do. I can't wait to meet you and your furry family members!
  3. My Goal
    I take pride in the excellent service I provide and pleasure in the knowledge that I'm making it possible for pet owners to relax instead of worrying about their cherished pets because they know they are in good hands and are being capably taken care of. My focus is on attention, affection, companionship and fun. I will provide everything your pet needs to be happy while you are away.