All Pets Equal
Expert Pet Sitter


I provide Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Visits , that are tailored to your pet's needs.
Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Prices

  • $20 for a 30 Minute Visit

​This allows enough time for fresh food/water and bathroom duties, but also a few minutes of mental stimulation like petting and playing.

  • $30 for a 60 Minute Visit

​Again, this offers the same service as during a 30 minute visit, while offering more attention and exertion for your pet or pets as well as any additional duties such as taking out trash, bringing in mail, watering plants, etc.

Bedtime Potty Break for Doggies
Check-in Visit for Kitties

  • $15 for a 15 Minute Visit

My prices are for generalized guidelines. My priority is your pet first and foremost. I will spend as much time as needed and will not leave  until all of your pets needs have been met. I'm not a "factory" sitting business. The reason I am in this business is not to try and make a fortune, but because I love animals. I just feel that once a pet sitter loses sight of why they started a pet sitting business in the first place, then they might as well quit because the animal will surely feel it. 

I will adjust my pricing according to my customers needs and the length of time and duties required.

I also offer discounts and even volunteer my services for pets/families in need, or when I need extra animal kisses to brighten my day:-) 

​The furry children are whats most important!


I like to meet with my customers and their pets prior to services being provided.
This visit is free of charge and gives me an opportunity to learn more about your pets needs. 

Pet Sitting Visits Include:
  • Fresh food and water
  • A walk
  • Lots of love and attention
  • Litter box cleaning
  • Clean up any accidents
  • Give medications
  • Daily text updates
Additional services provided:
  • Take out trash
  • Water plants
  • Bring in your mail
  • Turn lights on/off as needed